Aug 202010

Follow these steps to send email to Google Docs.

Email-In Your Documents and Files 
You can start new online documents by emailing them directly to this email address:

To try it, start a new email to the address shown above and:

Enter some text and send the message.
– The message text will be entered into a new online document.
– The title of the document will be the subject of the email message.
Or, attach a supported document
– Each attached document will be converted to HTML and appear as a separate document.
– The title of each document will be the file name of each attachment.
– With attachments, the message text itself will be ignored.
You can use this as a quick way to get a document online, or as an adjunct to how you currently collaborate with others (by forwarding an email that contains an attachment).

Please Note

This email address is unique to you.
The address itself is long and complicated-looking just to help keep people from guessing it.
You should receive an email confirmation for each document.
If you don’t receive a confirmation message, that means the document(s) didn’t make it online. If this is the case, please make sure you are using the email address shown above and that your e-mail is functioning correctly.