Sep 202015

By default, the action in this game is controlled using the keyboard. If you
want to use a game pad, joystick or steering wheel please consult the
manufacturers instructions.

Steer Left———— Cursor left
Steer Right———- Cursor right
Throttle————— Cursor up
Brake / Reverse— Cursor down
Handbrake———– Spacebar
Rollover————— ‘Hold’ 0 (Ins) (Num Pad)
Repair—————– Backspace
Rescue—————- R
Gear Up————— A
Gear Down———– Z
Differential Lock—- L
Horn——————- Enter (Num Pad)
Lights—————– Right Ctrl
Rear View———— Right Shift

Change Gate——– Tab
Big Map————— Left Alt
Free look————- Left Shift
Pause—————— Esc
Mouse Look———- Mouse (Certain cameras only)

Chat in-game———- Tilde

In Game Cameras
F1—————- Driver
F2—————- Onboard 3
F3—————- Onboard 1
F4—————- Onboard 2
F5—————- Helicopter 1
F6—————- Helicopter 2
F7—————- External
F8—————- 3rd Person
F9—————- Cycles Camera

NB: By using the Ins, Del, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys, you can
customize each camera view.

By pressing Shift in conjunction with F1-F8, you can view the replay cameras.