Jul 152012
How to Replace a Honda HEPA Air Filter
By Thomas West, eHow Contributor

The initials in the acronym HEPA stand for High Efficiency Particle Arrestor.
The first HEPA filters were originally used in hospital operating rooms because
of their sub-micron filtration ability. HEPA filters, also known as a cabin air
filter, have been installed in Honda automobiles since 2003. A HEPA cabin air
filter will purify the indoor air of the Honda's cabin by greatly reducing or
stopping small particles from entering the cabin while the windows are closed.


1. Open the glove box door on your Honda's dashboard and temporarily remove all
contents from the glove box. Remove the stop on the right side of the glove box
by unlatching it from the glove box door.

2. Push in on both sides of the glove box at the top while pulling the top of the
glove box out of the opening. This will release the glove box from the dashboard
and allow it to hang out of the way.

3. Look into the opening left by the glove box to locate the HEPA cabin air filter.
The cabin air filter housing should be visible inside the dashboard. Pull out the
air filter housing by pressing in on the tabs on each side of the filter housing.
Remove the soiled air filter. Compare the old filter with the replacement filter
before discarding it.

4. Wipe out the filter housing with a clean damp cloth . Place the new filter into
the filter housing. Make sure you place the new filter right side up by checking the
air flow direction indicator on the filter. Slide the housing back into the
dashboard until it snaps into place.

5. Lift up on the glove box and gently push it back into position until it snaps
into place. Reconnect the glove box door stop and close the glove box door.
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