Aug 032013

This article details how to install PGP Command Line on Mac OS X systems.

Installing PGP Command Line on Mac OS X

To install PGP Command Line on a Mac OS X system:

Close all applications.

Download the installer application, PGPCommandLine980MacOSX.tgz, to your desktop.

Double-click on the file PGPCommandLine980MacOSX.tgz.

If you have Stuffit Expander, it will automatically first uncompress this file into PGPCommandLine980MacOSX.tar, and then untar it into PGPCommandLine980MacOSX.pkg.

Double-click on the file PGPCommandLine980MacOSX.pkg.

Follow the on-screen instructions.
The Mac OS X PGP Command Line application, pgp, is installed into /usr/bin/.

After you run PGP Command Line for the first time, its home directory will be created automatically in the directory $HOME/Documents/PGP. This directory may already exist if PGP Desktop for Mac OS X is already installed on the system.

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