May 242014

1. Install sshfs and fuse

 Fedora: yum -y install fuse-sshfs
 Ubuntu: apt-get install sshfs

2. Add user that you want to use with sshfs to the fuse group. I did’t need this step with Fedora 20 (There was no group named fuse).

 usermod -a -G fuse joebob

3. Make a directory locally so that you can use it as a mount point for your remote ssh directory.

 mkdir localdirectory4ssh

4. Mount the remote directory to the local mount point that you created in step 3.

 sshfs remoteusername@remoteserver:/remotedirectory localdirectory4ssh
 *You will be prompted for your remote password.

5. Change into your localdirectory4ssh.

 cd localdirectory4ssh
 You should see all of the files and directories on your remote server.