Sep 082013

Some systemctl examples to control the Linux system services:

To Stop a service
[root@server ~#]systemctl stop <daemon>.service

Restart a service [root@server ~#]systemctl restart <daemon>.service
Reload a service [root@server ~#]systemctl reload <daemon>.service
Status of a service [root@server ~#]systemctl status <daemon>.service
Display all service/daemon status [root@server ~#]systemctl -a                (type "q" for quit)
Add a service to startup [root@server ~#]systemctl enable <daemon>.service
Remove a service from startup [root@server ~#]systemctl disable <daemon>.service
Shutdown and halt the system [root@server ~#]systemctl halt
Shutdown and poweroff the system [root@server ~#]systemctl poweroff
Shutdown and reboot the system [root@server ~#]systemctl reboot
Apr 162010

Dell XPS/Inspiron XPS Gen 2

Service Tag: 9MG4Z71

System Number: 9MG4Z71-595B

Express Service Code: 20948402989

Service Manaual:


Dell XPS Alienware: F02V4K1

My keyboard on the XPS was busted so I took the keyboard from a broken Latitude D600 laptop and tweaked it a little bit so that it would fit. It is working fine and looks great.

M1730 Service Tag: 4QRZCG1. Express Service Code: 26248641.