Delta-Cortef, Prelone
Econopred, Key-Pred, Pred Forte, Predcor
AK-Pred, Hydeltrasol, Inflamase, Inflamase Forte, Inflamase Mild, Pred Mild
Hydeltra-T.B.A., Prednisol TBA
Classifications: hormones and synthetic substitutes; adrenal corticosteroid; glucocorticoid
Prototype: Prednisone
Pregnancy Category: C


Prednisolone 5 mg tablet; 5 mg/5 mL, 15 mg/5 mL syrup, 0.12%, 0.125%, 1% ophthalmic suspension

Acetate 25 mg/mL, 50 mg/mL injection

Sodium Phosphate 5 mg/5 mL liquid; 20 mg/mL injection; 0.125%, 1% ophthalmic solution

Tebuate 20 mg/mL injection


Analog of hydrocortisone with 3–5 times greater potency. Mineralocorticoid properties are minimal, and potential for sodium and water retention as well as potassium loss is reduced.

Therapeutic Effects

Effective as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Principally as an antiinflammatory and immunosuppressant agent.


Safety during pregnancy (category C) or lactation is not established.

Route & Dosage

Adult: PO 5–60 mg/d in single or divided doses IM Acetate/Phosphate: 6–60 mg/d; Tebutate: 2–60 mg qwk IV Phosphate: 4–60 mg/d Ophthalmic See Appendix A-1
Child: PO 0.14–2 mg/kg/d in single or divided doses IM Acetate/Phosphate: 0.04–0.25 mg/kg 1–2 times/d IV Phosphate: 0.04–0.25 mg/kg 1–2 times/d


Alternate-Day Therapy (ADT) for Patient on Long-Term Therapy

Note: Verify that drug supplied is appropriate for the ordered route. Prednisolone acetate is for IM use.


PREPARE: Direct: May be given undiluted.  IV Infusion: May be added to 50–1000 mL of D5W or NS.  

ADMINISTER: Direct: Give at a rate of 10 mg or fraction thereof over 60 s.  IV Infusion: Do not exceed 10 mg/min.  

INCOMPATIBILITIES Solution/additive: Calcium gluceptate, metaraminol, methotrexate, polymyxin B.

Adverse Effects (1%)

Endocrine: Hirsutism (occasional), adverse effects on growth and development of the individual and on sperm. Special Senses: Perforation of cornea (with topical drug). Body as a Whole: Sensitivity to heat; fat embolism, hypotension and shock-like reactions. CNS: Insomnia. GI: Gastric irritation or ulceration. Skin: Ecchymotic skin lesions; vasomotor symptoms. Also see prednisone.


Drug: barbiturates, phenytoin, rifampin increase steroid metabolism, therefore may need increased doses of prednisolone; amphotericin B, diuretics add to potassium loss; ambenonium, neostigmine, pyridostigmine may cause severe muscle weakness in patients with myasthenia gravis; vaccines, toxoids may inhibit antibody response.


Absorption: Readily absorbed from GI tract. Peak: 1–2 h. Duration: 1–1.5 d. Distribution: Crosses placenta; distributed into breast milk. Metabolism: Metabolized in liver. Elimination: HPA suppression: 24–36 h; Excreted in urine. Half-Life: 3.5 h.

Nursing Implications

Assessment & Drug Effects

Patient & Family Education

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